Dr. Marcia Adelle Edwards

Dr. Marcia Adelle Edwards

National Trainer - Keynote Speaker

Teaching can be challenging and yet rewarding. Dr. Edwards has served as a department chair with oversight responsibilities for teacher training and as an educator for years. In these roles, her dedication to education and her influential leadership capabilities have been evident. Today, she continues to work diligently to foster a culture of mutual respect between teachers and students and demonstrates genuine concern for quality education the students receive. She remains accessible, approachable, and willing to listen to the concerns of students and teachers. She encourages fellow teachers to engage students in their learning experiences and to contribute daily in their roles as facilitators of education. Dr. Edwards consistently inspires teachers to continue to grow professionally. Dr. Edwards believes that teachers should be provided with the tools to succeed. Modeling positive learning experiences for all students, Dr. Edwards faithfully demonstrates how quality teaching makes all the difference in students’ learning. She honors the value in every student in the classroom. She insists that adequate opportunities are given for each student to learn and promotes relevance in learning through the exploration of new ideas. Careful consideration is given to diverse student backgrounds with Dr. Edwards. Students’ learning evaluations are a vital part of the teaching process standards she sets. Ongoing assessments afford students ample opportunities to relearn in individual attention where necessary. Dr. Edwards applauds the dedication of our teachers as content area experts, and teachers spend an enormous amount time in preparation of lesson plans. Disruptive behaviors are not an issue where ‘Time To Teach’ proven strategies are implemented and with teachers being empowered to lead classrooms where students are engaged in learning rather than being distracted. Consequently, students improve their academic performance and are better prepared to compete in a global market. Join her in making small steps toward a brighter future!

  • Former University Department Chair
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • National Trainer, Differentiated Instruction
  • Practitioner, Educator, Researcher
  • Graduate of Barry University
  • Graduate of Samuel Merritt University

If schools were permitted to have just one training, this is the one!

This training will help to raise test scores for your students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning.